Uptown is a place to gather, connect, shop and enjoy the surroundings. As you stroll the grounds filled with a varieties of flowers and plants, you’ll come across all types of art; from traditional gongs to rock fountains and contemporary sculpture.

Uptown Gig Harbor Art Walk
River Dance

A . River Dance, William Reese

Along the Pavillion walkway

Three Ring Feeder

B . Three Ring Feeder, Tom Torrens

Just outside of J Jill across from 9Round


C . Gazing, Tom Torrens

Along walkway next to 9Round

Roller Blader

D . Roller Blader, Doug Granum

Across from the Green.House Restaurant

Ship Bell

E . Ship Bell, Tom Torrens

Along the parking area toward Lele's

Circle Gong

F . Circle Gong, Tom Torrens

Next to Lele's Restaurant

Walk Of Fame

G . Harbor Walk of Fame

On the walk in front of Galaxy Theatres

Rock Fountain

H . Rock Fountain, Doug Granum

In front of HomeGoods

Double Fish Bell

I . Double Fish Bell, Tom Torrens

Along the walkway across from Fondi's

Ben & Jerrys Cows

J . Ben & Jerry’s Cows

Across from Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

New Bell

K . New Bell, Tom Torrens

MultiCare parking across from Fondi's

Time To Fish

L . Time to Fish, Tom Torrens

Outside of Marshall's